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The brothers Robert and Joseph Mac Gregor from Whitley Bay in Northumberland U.K. invented watertight steel hatch covers with mechanical operating systems to replace the time consuming wooden hatch covers. In 1949 the first single-pull hatch cover was installed.

In 1955, Naval Architect (Newscastle upon Tyne, King's College) Ramon Zubiaga Aldecoa, founded CARGOCOVER.

ASCARGO originates from ASCA which company was formed in 1966 the three main Swedish Shipyards Kockums, Gotaverken and Erisberg and Cargocover.

Cargocover Asca Ascargo

All ships´ hatch covers can be serviced and supplied with spare parts through the Ascargo organization. When there is a need of spare parts and/or service work for our products, our resources are world-wide.

Since then Ascargo has more than 1000 vessels in its reference list (see gallery), having worked in close collaboration with owners and shipyards all over the world.

From the beginning, our Spare Parts Department has accumulated the experience to locate the different manufacturers of any spare part needed and negotiate low prices. In addition, we take care of immediate shipment by arranging the proper follow-up, including customs services, export licence, transportation and any other requirement for a prompt delivery anywhere in the world.

Ascargo 1958

In January 2013, ASCARGO was taken over by SINTEMAR, a company within the same Group that specialises in the supply of a range of products and services for the marine industry. ASCARGO has now become a Division of SINTEMAR.


Based on the ideas of Scottish brothers Robert and Joseph MacGregor,the change from wooden Hatch covers to mechanically operated hatch covers began to take place in 1950s. Thus,the mame MacGregor became synonymus with the various of mechanically operated hatch covers.

  • 1949 - Macgregor - Comarain formed by Henri Kummerman in France.
  • 1951 - Dipl. - ING.H.K. Kloess founded Deutsche MacGregor.
  • 1954 - Elcano (Sevilla) built in Spain the first  ship with mechanically operated hatch covers  with MacGregor licence named "Benisanet".
  • 1955 - Dr. R. Zubiaga Naval Ing. (Newcastle,King´s College) founded Cargocover (later ASCARGO).
  • 1956 - First balanlift single-pull with connecting rods projected by ASCARGO (Cargocover) for Euskalduna Shipyard (Bilbao).
  • 1957 - Navire company formed.
  • 1960 - First reefer fitted in Spain with ASCARGO hatch covers.
  • 1966 - The three Swedish shipbuilding Groups Eriksberg,Gotaverken and Kockums, founded a joint hatchcover company:
    - ASCA (Associaeted Cargo Gear AB) The activities in this field conducted separalely in the past by these three yards was been acquired by ASCA.
  • 1967 - ASCARGO (Spain) associated with ASCA for Southern Europa, Central and South America and Africa.
    - OY NAVIRE Ab (Finland) associated with ASCA for Finland and Germany west market.
    - ASCA built the biggest workshop for hatch covers KAYABA industry Co (Japon).
  • 1969 - Balanlift single-pull instaled by ASCA under ASCARGO license in Verolme United and Van der Giessen in Holand, Aaborg Vaerf A/S in Denmark, Warsila (Finland), Rauma Repola O/Y(Finland) Kanada Zosen and Izumi Zosen (Japon).
    - Navire Cargo Gear AB formed in Finland.
  • 1970 - Agreement between Oy NAVIRE Ab and ASCARGO.
  • 1971 - Balanlift single-pull instaled by NAVIRE-KAYABA under ASCARGO licence in Mitsui (Japon) and Sandyaso Japan Shoji.
  • 1973 - When in 1973 ASCA was acquired by NAVIRE Oy, ASCARGO decided to pursue own course.
  • 1967-1973 - Balanlift single-pull instaled in Finland (25 ships), Norway (10), Japan (10), Argentina (3), Brasil (2), Holand (2) by ASCA (Sweden) and NAVIRE (Finland) under ASCARGO licence.
    - ASCA and NAVIRE instaled more than 150 under ASCARGO licence.
  • 1980 - ASCARGO design the C/Nº 125 "Tista" at CASSENS WERFT (GERMANY).
  • 1981 - Kone corporation acquired NAVIRE.
  • 1982 - ASCARGO design the first general purpose vehicle carrier, able to transport cars,trailers and wheeled flats loaded with containers. The ro/car carrier with a capacity for 60,12,5m. long trailers, 120 TEU and 537 cars.
  • 1983 - The international MacGregor organisation was acquired by NAVIRE O/Y.
  • 1985 - MacGregor Far East ltd.(MGFE) and Tsuji Heavy Heavy Industries Co. Have both signed an agreement with Kvaerner, under which they will collaborate regarding cargo access equipment, in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan.
  • 1986 - MACOR, Marine Systems International gmbH was formed from Deutsche MacGregor GmbH (1951).
  • 1970-1988 - MacGregor had monopoly at the public Spanish Shipyards because of MacGregor/AESA Sevilla licence.
    - ASCARGO owned 90% of the Spanish market in Private Shipyards.
  • 1993 - Incentive, the international industrial group, acquired MacGregor-Navire´s shares from Kone Corporation and form MacGregor group.
  • 2002 - More than 1000 list of reference under ASCARGO name.
  • From 2003 - ASCARGO keeps repairing and installing Hatch-Covers and developping a specialized Spare Parts department focused in attending demand from our customer all over the world.
  • 2013 - ASCARGO was taken over by SINTEMAR, a company within the same Group that is specialised in the supply of products and services for the marine sector, becoming a Division of SINTEMAR, supported by their large technical and commercial team.

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