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1949 - Henri Kummerman sets up Macgregor - Comarain in France.

1951 - Dipl. - ING.H.K. Kloess founds MacGregor in Germany.

1954 - Elcano (Seville) builds the first mechanically-operated hatch cover in Spain uder the MacGregor licence on board the “Benisanet".

1955 - Dr. R. Zubiaga (Naval Engineer) founds  Cargocover, later known as ASCARGO.

1956 - The first balanlift single-pull hatch cover  with connecting rods designed by  Cargocover for the Euskalduna Shipyard (Bilbao).

1957 - The Navire company is set up.

1960 - First reefer fitted In Spain with ASCARGO hatch covers.

1966 - Eriksberg, Gotaverken and Kockums, three Swedish shipbuilders, found ASCA (Associated Cargo Gear AB).

1967 - ASCARGO (Spain) enters into partnership with ASCA in Southern Europe, Central and South America, and Africa. 

1967-1973 - ASCA and NAVIRE install more than 150 hatch covers under ASCARGO licence.

1980 - ASCARGO designs the C/No. 125 "Tista" at CASSENS WERFT (Germany).

1982 - ASCARGO designs the first general purpose vehicle carrier.

1983 - Emergency landing of the Harrier ZA176 military aircraft on ASCARGO hatches.

1970-1988 -  ASCARGO holds 90% of the Spanish private shipyard market.


2002 - More than 1,000 types of products bearing the ASCARGO name.

2003 - ASCARGO starts installing, repairing and supplying hatch cover spares for customers worldwide.

Since 2013 - ASCARGO becomes a division of SINTEMAR specialising in the supply of hatch cover spares.